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Susannah Brody offers a wide range of programs that she presents to elementary schools, colleges, adult organizations and retirement communities. Many of her stories come from the rich history of southeastern Pennsylvania, especially Chester County where she has lived for more than forty years. If you would like to schedule one of her programs or need additional information, please contact Susannah by email using the link at the bottom of each page.

Susannah Brody

Susannah is the author of several books on local history in Chester County.

Using words taken directly from diaries and letters, she offers Living History portrayals that feature the contributions made by extraordinary nineteenth century women.

She performs storytelling in local schools for enrichment of language arts, social studies and/or seasonal activities through assemblies and individual classroom visits.

Her programs for adult organizations and retirement communities are informative and entertaining.

Using her experiences as a former special education teacher, Susannah offers storytelling workshops that encourage a love for language arts and history while developing performance skills.

Susannah has a Masters of Arts in Oral Traditions from The Graduate Institute in Connecticut. She is a member of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild and the National Storytelling Network.

Living History Presentations

Living history offers the opportunity to experience history through the eyes of real people who lived in earlier times. Using costumes and nineteenth century language, Susannah shares with the audience the characters of some courageous women.

Tall Tales

Uniquely American, tall tales began in the early part of the nineteenth century as a combination of historical fact, the oral traditions of storytellers and the imagination of professional writers. The earliest stories grew from the lives of real people like Davy Crockett and John Chapman. Other tall tales feature purely fictitious characters.


Folktales and Fairy Tales include the popular and lesser known stories from around the world. Folktales entertain, but they also provide ways to learn about language, communication, religion and daily living of those around us as well as those from other times and cultures.

Chester County Stories

Well documented through extensive research, Chester County Stories trace local history from earliest settlement to the twentieth century. Storytelling helps bring to life the stories of many who contributed to our heritage.

Original Stories

Susannah shares personal stories, seasonal stories, ghost stories and adventures for children of all ages.


Interactive workshops for children and adults can enhance storytelling skills, research techniques, character development and audience participation.


Susannah is the author of several books on local history in Chester County including a series of biographies designed for use in local schools.

Home Living History Tall Tales Folktales Chester County Stories Original Stories Workshops Books

Printable Brochures: Storytelling Brochure and Living History Brochure

Email Susannah Brody for additional information or to schedule one of her programs.

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